AIGA Postcards

Designers Against Humanity

As part of my goal this year to find more creative outlets outside of my day job, I joined a group project that was part of the AIGA mentor program. It was a great way to meet other designers like myself in the Chicago design community. There were no limitations to what project we could complete besides money ($50 per person) and time (8 weeks). We came up with an interactive game called Designers Against Humanity, playing into the idea that all designers have shared frustrations with their clients, work, and careers.

Players received 3 answer cards when they walked in the door. After they entered the room, they found a wall of 5 prompts, with postcards that we designed to relate underneath. Players were encourage to swap an answer for a postcard, and the best answers at the end of the night won a prize. It fostered conversations and helped to build deeper connections throughout the group of people who interacted with it.